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Bridgetown Resort: The Gateway to an Adventurer’s Paradise

Bridgetown (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned, citizen company formed and incorporated for the specific purpose of developing the BRIDGETOWN project in Kazungula, Botswana. The shareholders are two Batswana who have joined forces, pooled their resources and have embarked on this journey to bring their vision to the benefit of ordinary Batswana.

The Resort, set to be constructed just off the banks of the Chobe River will offer its users a reviving and astounding view of the river. Set to be built only a few kilometers from the planned Historic, Country Linking Bridge over the mighty Zambezi River, Bridgetown will be a unique place in Africa, not only a place where you can bridge FOUR COUNTRIES, but a place where the gateway to an adventurer’s paradise opens.

The Birds eye view of the resort complex

The Complex will boast:

92 luxurious and SPACIOUS, self catering apartments, all fully furnished, equipped and set out in the best that modern architecture, furniture, appliances and technology can provide. The final touches to the resort will be the construction of a luxury Hotel and Conference facility.

The project will at its completion boost of 92 cabana units entailing — 74 double storey buildings and 17 single units—along perennial Chobe river that starts from Angola cutting across Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe before offloading into Mozambique and the Indian Ocean.

Type G Cabana_Single Bed Apartments

Type E Cabana_Single Bed Apartments

BRIDGETOWN will function as a fully self catering luxury lodge, with the patrons having the luxury of their own restaurant, Lodge style reception, management office suite, Laundry, Spa/Wellness Centre, Children’s playground, transport links and fully stocked convenience store, a HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

Bridgetown, the emerging tourism outfit geared to connect its visitors to three other countries bordering Botswana in the north, is aiming to open its subscription to retail investors thanks to its ensuing partnership with Barclays Bank.

Bridgetown owns a piece of land of six-and –half hectors strike length along the banks of the Chobe river—in the resort town of Kasane —that has been visited by world renowned celebrities such as former U.S President, Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Taylor due to the by beauty of wilderness and Safari.

The first face of the project is scheduled for completion by September this year and that will entail 20 cabana units. It is going to be prestine and beautiful,” Collin Willis, project manager of the multi-million pula Bridgetown said.

Apartment lash green spaces and entertainment amenities

“We are really going to make it an up market project,” he added.

The Bridgetown project provides Batswana to own holiday houses in one of the country’s most popular tourist attraction destination after the Okavango Delta.

The Bridgetown project seeks to bring to the ordinary citizen of Botswana an opportunity to buy into an affordable lifetime holiday destination.

A place where one can relax, share the natural beauty of the Botswana wilderness, experience our heritage, and own a piece of history.

The apartment will be sectional titled and thereafter further subdivided into single undivided shares. These shares will then be made available to the public for sale and purchase through a variety of affordable financial packages designed to allow Batswana the opportunity to participate in the project.
They can either go for an outright purchase at P 2.5 million and have an option of keeping the keys or enter through a P 55,000 subscription that will most likely see their property managed under the pool arrangement.

The arrival views to the resort...

Under the pool arrangement the property will be given to a professional property management company that will among other thing liasing with international tourism marketing companies for bookings and in turn investors will share the profits at the end of the financial year.

Located near where the Kazungula bridge is to be erected Bridgetown is bound to give its visitors arear opportunity in term of tourism experience in Botswana. It will easily connect people with Victoria Falls – either on the Zambian or Zimbabwean side and at the same time offer some boat drives to Katima Mulilo on the Namibian side.

“We have been in negotiations with tour operators on the Zimbabwean side and they are keen to have our guest to go there and have an experience of what they offer during the day. Hence, we will immediately introduce a shuttle between Bridgetown and Livingstone on the Zambian side,” Patrick Balopi head of Bridgetown said.

Further, Bridgetown is expected to offer an assortment of activities leisure including amusement park, restaurant, boat houses and a deck —- for those who own small boats and those interested in taking some boat drives along the Chobe river.

The company has purchased some farms that are going to be turned into some game park where guest will be entertained with night game drives and bush braai.

Built on raised decks and elevated views

The development are expected to be part of the larger picture which Kasane is planning to undertake with the building of the Kazungula bridge that is aimed at bolstering trade and commerce across the Southern African Development Community ( SADC) region and the expansion of the Airport.

The resort town has the potential of linking with some of the regional capitals such as Livingstone, Harare, Johannesburg and Cape Town through air in a bid to strengthen position within the region.

So far, it has links with Lusaka following the decision of Air Botswana to fly Gaborone- Lusaka through the resort town.

Decked access ways and makes the complex easily accessible

for more information visit Bridgetown Resort website

All text and images from Bridgetown Resort

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