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Who is the First Time Home Buyer in Botswana?

 by HK Mokwete The Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Hon k. Matambo, recently announced in his Budget Speech 2014/15 that Government will be amending the Transfer Duty Tax and VAT thresholds as follows: VAT registration threshold will be increased from P500 000 to P1 000 000 in order to relieve small tax payers on […]

Opposition Parties react to State of the Nation Address

In the past few weeks, both the leader of Opposition in Parliament Dumelang Saleshando and Leader of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) in Parliament Nehemiah Modubule have expressed strongly worded views on the recent State of the Nation Address. Boidus Focus extracts what the two honourable gentlemen had to say about the issues of […]

Government Has Unfair Advantage in Botswana’s Housing Market

BHC Flats in Gaborone The sentiment is always that government should provide housing for its citizens and that housing is a human right under the United Nations Human Rights (Article 25). I have once before argued for government to align some of its adhoc housing activities toward providing citizens with much needed affordable housing. But […]

Botswana Faces a Huge Housing Problem

Botswana Faces a Huge Housing Problem:Is BHC the solution or part of the problem? This essay was first published on the Botswana Guardian, 25-02-2011, titled: ‘Botswana faces a huge housing problem’ The minister of Lands and Housing, Nonofo Molefhi, has gone on record on several occasions admitting that the Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) houses are too […]

‘BHC houses too expensive’ – Molefhi:Incredible Minister’s Admission

BHC houses too expensive – Molefhi: Response to the Incredible Minister’s Admission The minister of Lands and Housing, Nonofo Molefhi has gone on record admitting that the BHC houses are too expensive quoted on the Gazette below: BHC houses too expensive – Molefhi Written by AUBREY LUTE WEDNESDAY, 16 FEBRUARY 2011 “Alternative technologies would make […]

SHHA- Botswana’s Self-Help Housing Agency (1996 Abstract)

  SHHA- Botswana’s Self-Help Housing Agency: A Success Story, But is It Sustainable? (Abstract) By L. Leta Mosienyane Source: Ambio, Vol. 25, No. 2, The Sustainable City (Mar., 1996), pp. 138-143 Botswana’s Self-Help Housing Agency is a success story in terms of achieving its goals, i.e. to provide an effective means of access to affordable […]

Revisiting President Ian Khama’s Housing Appeal

Creating Homes for People Should Not Be a ‘Pet Project’ The provision of housing for people throughout the world by Governments is a ‘Human right’, according to the United Nations’ Habitat Agenda. Habitat Agenda states that “Within the overall context of an enabling approach, Governments should take appropriate action in order to promote, protect and […]

WoZoCo Apartments by MVRDV

In our conclusion of this week’s look at Community Housing, we look at one final project which cleverly overcame issues of zoning and site restrictions in Amsterdam, The Netherlands: WoZoCo Apartments by MVRDV (1994-1997) This gesture created additional costs that were dealt with in economic layouts for the rest of the project, providing savings that […]

Bridgetown Resort: The Gateway to an Adventurer’s Paradise

Bridgetown (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned, citizen company formed and incorporated for the specific purpose of developing the BRIDGETOWN project in Kazungula, Botswana. The shareholders are two Batswana who have joined forces, pooled their resources and have embarked on this journey to bring their vision to the benefit of ordinary Batswana. The Resort, set […]

Building Planning Application process in Botswana

Planning application…change of land use: what does it all mean? The process of building in Botswana especially in urban or semi urban areas is regulated by the Town and Country Planning Act and the Building Control Act, administered by the Department of Town and Regional Planning (DTRP), while Local Authority Planning considers standard applications. Often, […]

China Homelife Fair 2016




The Architects’ Registration Council will conduct workshops to, apprise the public, create awareness and educate the public on the requirements of the Act and the mandate of the Council as stipulated in the Architects’ Registration Act.

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GROPIUS HOUSE / Architect: Walter Gropius / Location: Lincoln, MA, USA / Completion: 1938

Gropius House


The home Walter Gropius built for his family soon after moving from to the US from Germany had a dramatic impact on American architecture. Its detailing keeps strongly to the principles of the Bauhaus, which Gropius had founded and directed in Germany, exploiting simple, well-designed but mass-produced fittings for steel wall lights, chromed banisters etc., as well as in the structure of the house (glass block walls complementing the wooden frame and New England clapboarding).

Boidus Quotes-‘what they say..’

"Modern architects – scum of the earth. It doesn’t matter what you ask them to design, they still come up with something that looks like an old dustbin with a bicycle sticking out of the top."