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New Era CollegeUpgrades Curricula with New Degree Programmes

In an effort to align with the National Human Resource Development Strategy (NHRDS), academic institutions are upgrading their curricula to increase the ‘relevance’ and ‘quality’ of the education they provide, as well as to improve the country’s human resource capacity to drive economic growth. Recently, the New Era College of Arts, Science and Technology launched […]


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  • Over P88 mil spent on stadium projects overruns: ...The figures were revealed by the Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology Honourable Johnny Swartz yesterday at the ongoing Parliament session while answering a question posed by the Member of Parliament for Shoshong Honourable Philip Makgalemele. A sum of P33, 901,481.28 was paid for the design and consultancy supervision stages while P54, 420, 104.52 was paid as cost overrun for construction...read full story here #
  • Turnstar eyes P480m Tanzanian property: ....The deal will make Turnstar the first company to acquire a property of such value outside Botswana. Motlhabane indicated that once completed the deal would enable them to reach P1 billion market capitalisation at BSE. Currently the company has a market capitalisation of P574 million....via Botswana Guardian #
  • Industrial Court building shows signs of structural defects: The Industrial Court building, barely one and a half years old, has structural defects which may render it inhabitable. When the Sunday Standard visited the building, it found that the twin pillars at the entrance to the court had developed gaping cracks at their bases and discovered that someone has been trying to hide what was probably taken for hairline cracks with paint but the cracks are widening. In what may be a costly sub-standard construction work of a building, which cost the government P54 million, employees at the court say the roofing of the building leaks. read full story here: #
  • Gaborone – Growing from hard learned lessons: Locals like to think of Gaborone as a small town posing as a big city – Certainly, this metropolis is dwarfed in comparison to many other cities in the region, the likes of Pretoria and Johannesburg. However, it may come as a surprise to many of the residents that this seemingly undersized town has exceeded all initial expectations of its growth potential. In 1964, when the first development plan for the city was drafted, the assumption was that its population would never exceed 15, 000 people. Within six years, the population had mushroomed to 75, ooo and today, it stands at around 300, 000. This seems to be the source of many of Gaborone’s development problems – The city’s potential for growth was underestimated from the outset and subsequent development plans failed to readjust this point of view. Kibo Ngowi #
  • The city: Gaborone * Alexander McCall Smith doffs his hat to a 'profoundly comfortable' place. ...The city is a new one. While many southern African cities have a good 100 years under their belt, Gaborone, as a city, really only dates back to the mid-60s. Prior to independence, the country was administered as a protectorate, initially from Mafeking (now Mafikeng), which lies over the border in South Africa. In Botswana itself, there were in those days only a handful of towns, and Gaborone was very tiny... read full essay here   #
  • Corruption mars BDC multi-million pula project. An independent audit into the operations of a glass manufacturing plant by Botswana Development Corporation in Palapye has unearthed systemic abuse of money by executives at the Government’s investment arm. read full essay. #
  • Consultant, govt in messy tussle over National Stadium. The controversy-ridden refurbishment of the National Stadium has hit a new low after a major disagreement between the government and lead consultant, Tectura International. read full essay here #
  • P65m defective structure to be occupied by Govt Depts: Government is counting its losses after it paid over P65 million for a Kgale Mews office block later discovered to have serious structural defects that the developer refused to attend to. full story  here #
  • BTV complex defects threaten structure: Only 10 years since the Mass Media Complex that houses Btv, RB1, RB2, Daily News and Kutlwano offices was built, the mass media complex is showing serious signs of structural defects and poor workmanship, amid fears of a possible collapse of the whole structure. full story here. #

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Konza, where Africa's silicon savannah begins

Kenya's president has launched a $14.5bn (£9.1bn) project to build a new city intended to be an IT business hub and dubbed

Greater Gaborone City-Region (GGCR):Book and Web-portal launched


The Greater Gaborone City-Region (GGCR) is an emerging city-region within the South Eastern Planning Region of Botswana. It is still not yet recognised as a city-region for planning and development purposes by non-governmental organizations, private and public sectors. It is for this reason that the publication “Planning And Governing In An Emerging City-Region Context: A Case Study Of The Greater Gaborone City-Region, Botswana” seeks to make a case for its recognition and provides a strategy for its planning and governing.

BIDP Function on Saturday 6th December, 2014


Boidus Focus August Edition


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GROPIUS HOUSE / Architect: Walter Gropius / Location: Lincoln, MA, USA / Completion: 1938

Gropius House


The home Walter Gropius built for his family soon after moving from to the US from Germany had a dramatic impact on American architecture. Its detailing keeps strongly to the principles of the Bauhaus, which Gropius had founded and directed in Germany, exploiting simple, well-designed but mass-produced fittings for steel wall lights, chromed banisters etc., as well as in the structure of the house (glass block walls complementing the wooden frame and New England clapboarding).

Boidus Quotes-‘what they say..’

"Modern architects – scum of the earth. It doesn’t matter what you ask them to design, they still come up with something that looks like an old dustbin with a bicycle sticking out of the top."